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The 4th Annual State of the Delivered Fuel Consumer Survey Report

It's not too late to get the recording! Join Christine Adams of Tank Utility as she reviews the results from our 4th Annual Delivered Fuel Consumer Report where we surveyed delivered fuel consumers on what they are looking for in a fuel supplier.

There are many insights including:

  • The most effective marketing tactics to reach and retain customers
  • Key factors in fuel buying decisions and price points for value added service
  • Why customers stay AND leave fuel suppliers

About Tank Utility

Tank Utility helps propane fuel suppliers modernize their businesses and earn higher margins every year with easy to use LTE tank monitoring devices connected with industry-leading software and analytics. We offer real-time and actionable insight into your customer tank levels to optimize business operations, such as eliminating wasted deliveries and increasing your drop sizes.  In addition, our goal is to become a true partner alongside you to provide marketing to your customers with a branded mobile app and value added services to win, retain and engage your consumer and commercial customers while ensuring they never run out.

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